Some sleep por favor

Skrivet den 2013-01-03 kl 14:59:07 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Some sleep would be nice, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I have a lot at work and no time for breathing and I have to finish all SWEA work this week, cause this is my last week as a SWEA board member, and it feels so good to only have one job and come home and not always have to think about doing more work.

I am having some friends over for Saturday and I have not even started to plan, but I feel like it will all work out in the end.  My hubbz is good at helping me so I am feeling good about it. Last night I had to come after work being a zombie, I looked like one and felt like one and somehow I managed to get to the gym, thanks to my BFF Hubby who motivates me to go to the gym. 

We came home and we are totally hooked on a new TV show called “Friday Night Lights” and it’s about a high school in Texas who has a football league called the Panters. An Amazing show, and we just finished the first season.  Can’t wait to start next season. 

So Vegas was fun, but totally overload, I loved it more when it was warmer and we could go to the pool all day, rather than the cold Vegas. I did see Tiesto and Avicii, two great DJ’s, but I think I am officially retiring from going out. I just can’t deal with it anymore. It’s been amazing, but I look forward turning 30 this year and start a new chapter in life. I want 2013 to be as amazing as 2012, but more emotionally stable. Me and Hubby are going to work out a plan for 2013 this weekend, to go through our goals and savings for this year. We want to buy an apartment and still be able to travel.  I have many New Years resolutions for 2013, not very big one, but just to have a more comfortable and happy life without much drama.

I’ll show you more pics from Vegas later.


My first CL shoe :) at Cosmopolitan Casino.