Sexyback FAIL

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I just have to share this picture with you cause it made me laugh for a long time. I just can’t stop looking at this picture and how retarded I look and how in my mind I was thinking how romantic this was and how romantic we looked. WELL MISSION FAIL, and this is the evidence. I just had to share this disaster picture of me trying to be all sexyback. Don’t think so homie!!!!!!

Sexyback FAIL

I am walking like Phoebe runs in the series "Friends"!!!

Little bit everything weekend

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This has been a weekend of everything, it started with some Eid celebration to some Halloween horror to Sandy taking over our lives. Eid 2 as I like to call it was a great day, we literally were out for 12 house and jumping from house to house and ended the day with some friends and hooka.

It was also Halloween weekend, and personally I am not a big fan of Halloween, but in US its such a big event and I think I will like it more when I have kids, tomorrow is actually the real Halloween and all the kids will trick or treat everywhere.  Hubbz and me had an amazing brunch with the fab couple Malik and after we kind of cancelled the Halloween thing we had planned for the night. We weren’t really feeling it at all.  So we decided to go to Target and load up for all the things we needed for the Sandy storm that was coming. On the way home, we saw this Haunted house. For those people who know me, knows that I HATE ANYTHING that’s scary, I can never watch scary movies and I get very easily scared. So the haunted house was NO option for me.

However, Libby and her hubby were on their way to DC all dressed up as vampires and came to our house to chill before they left. Their plans got cancelled at the last minute and so did their trip to DC. So me and my hubby felt really sad, since they were all dressed up ready to leave and Hubby suggested the Haunted house. At first I was pretty sure that I was never ever going to put my foot in that house ever for pitty, but at the same time I felt bad and it was already late for them to make new plans, so I AGREED!

I have to say, I have been in Haunted house in Stockholm, Gröna Lund and I thought that was scary. THAT IS NOTHING, THIS WAS INSANE and I don’t think I saw much. American Haunted house are no jokes. I was so scared I had to bend down and close my eyes almost the whole thing. There were hundreds of Zombies and the walk was about 30 min. I didn’t see much, BUT I AM NEVER EVER going back!!

Sandy was horrible, but we were fine and had a lot of food and did loose power at the end of the night, however, it came back and I feel bad for all the family’s that has to suffer from power loss. Everything is back to normal and the holidays are coming and so is my brother yaiiiii….

Brunch date with the cutest twin and the food and the Mimosas were amazing, totally going back soon!

EId Mubarak 2 

Book Club Meeting 2

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So last night was the second meeting for our second book for our book club and Monica had chosen the book “The power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. I almost finished the book and the book was really interesting, but it felt like a book I would read for class in collage. However, the stories were really interesting and you do think about your own habits and how you can change all habits.

It’s my turn to choose book and I chose the third book, tell you next month. We went to my favorite Nandos in Chinatown and it almost felt like summer, after dinner no one wanted to go home and we ended up getting Gelato from this amazing Italian ice cream place and sat outside and talked for hours. Book is a great excuse it hang out and eat food and try new things. Love it and can’t wait for next one.

Second book of the club

I wish we had these amazing nights everyday :)

Back on track

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Yesterday I took my step outside for my first run after my surgery and I could feel how strange it felt in my teeth in the beginning. But after a mile I was fine. I have to say it’s probably all in my head. So I removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth, but apparently one was complicated to take out and that was bothering me. And on top of that I got nasty blisters in my tongue and that was even more painful. BUT, I am finally better and yesterday I had my first meal yayayayayayay!! FOOD IS LOVE!

Hmm I need new running shoes....

Dress for Santa

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Perfect dress for this year Chirstmasparty maybe?  With some chic black or gold jewlery.

Or maybe go black and chic with more colorful jewlery's


Professional but modern

Or why not go Gala crazy with some girly glam for the more fancy party.

Cute skirt that can be worn with any kind of top.

Perfect with a red or black skirt and no necklace needed.


Amazing Fall

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No matter what problem you have in life or whatever you are going through, sometimes you just have to stop and look up and see what going on around you and make sure you don't miss the important things in life.  Like these amazing fall colored threes can make you smile and just appreciate being alive. 

Live for these moments....

Red, Yellow and Orange

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So I have been looked in since Tuesday, mostly sleeping and resting. Some of you know that I removed 4 of my wisdom teeth and my face has been looking like Chipmunk, not a cute one, just BIGFACE.

Its much better today, however, I can’t wait for it go back to normal. Its funny how much you appreciate life as soon as you don’t do the things that are normal to you. I love running a couple of days a week and I take that for granted, and I can’t wait to be back on that again. Today I brushed my teeth again for the first time after the surgery and that’s something that so normal, and it felt so good to just brush my teeth. I look at my face and its so swollen, and I promise to appreciate the small stuff in life as soon as I get better.

Its Libby’s birthday party on Saturday and she has the theme Vegas, I have no idea what to wear. I’ll figure that out tomorrow, also I wanted to make Libby’s birthday cake and lasagna. Lasagna is easy to bring and not much hassle, I can just make a big batch.  I have to buy all that tomorrow and make the cake tomorrow and make the lasagna on Saturday. What else could I make to bring?

Since I cant work out, I went for a walk today, don’t you love the nice fall days….

I heart Thai food

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I have a goal when it comes to cooking and that is to be good at cooking Thai food, I know I am not good at cooking bengali food, so maybe I should concentrate on the Thai stuff for a while. I still can't eat normal food, cause of my teeth, but I wanted to make something special for Hubby. He said that he was craving Thai, so why not make a homecooked meal instead of ordering all the time. I decided to make Thai Green Curry Chicken. I didn't really use any specific recipe, mostly my head and the green paste had a small recipe on the back, so I used that for guidence. 

My Thai Green Curry Chicken

I needed:

Chicken breast
1 Green paprika
2 table spoon Green curry paste
1 can coconut milk
1/2 onion (or one if its a small one)
2 cloves garlic
piece of ginger
2 table spoon fish sauce
2 table spoon soy sauce
mini corn ( or use whatever veggie you like, like chestnut, pies)
Salt & Pepper

I started by frying some onion and garlic in a pan with some olive oil, add some salt to get some bring out the flavor of the onion. I added the minced ginger and the mushrooms and the paprika. I cut the paprika into thin pieces.
Add the coconut milk and the put in the chicken and add the two-table spoon of green curry. Add fish sauce and soya sauce and the rest of the veggies you like, I choose some mini corn that I sliced into half( add little salt and pepper). Let it boil and the chicken to cook.  I also added some cilantro and some red chili flakes, if you want spicier, add jalapenos after the onion and garlic, but I honestly thought it was spicy enough. Taste and add salt and pepper after taste.

I never make anything too spicy since my stomach can’t take it, but my husband like it that way and he always add siracha (chili and garlic sauce, very popular here) after hand to everything anyway. 


It goes well with any kind of rice but I bought some kind or Thai coconut rice from the store. 

I didnt get to taste the chicken but I ate the sauce as a soup and I have to say, It was really good and I never like my own cooking, I think I learning with time to cook stuff. Maybe in a couple of years I'll be better. 
I want to learn how to make thai noodles and Drunken noodles.

This is the paste I bought from the store :)



Movie weekend

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Two movies in two days, and I really really liked Looper, my kind of movie. Taken 2 was ok, but I think I liked Taken 1 better, since this felt like an repeat. Go see Looper if you want to see something different :)

Driving + food + movies + Fall weather

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Road trip to Virginia with Hubbz.

Fall festival with music, Wine and Food!

I did not eat these Turkey legs, but they look scary to me. 

Enjoying the fall weather for sure


Casual look - Tory Burch flats, Zara purse and sweather from Stadium (Sweden) soft blazer from H&M and scarf from Zara.

 I had such a great weekend, the weather has been amazing and it started by the family picking up my Mother in law from the airport and having a great family dinner. I also saw a movie with my sister that I really liked.

Yesterday, me and my hubby decided to take a little drive (2 hour) to Virginia and see the fall threes changing colors. However, I think the peak is within another 2 weeks in this area, but it was still very beautiful. There was a fall festival there and we went to the winetasting area, where they had really good wines from local wineries. 

On the back we decided to go and see another movie and I was craving Froyo (as always) so we picked up some Froyo and watched Tv until we crashed early into bed. I must say it was a great quality day with Hubbz.


Second 10 km for 2012

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So my girly Munia has signed up for her first 5 km run in a couple of weeks and I wanted to join her for support, however, I usually run 5 km so I wanted some more challenge and switched to 10 km. I probably will regret it, but what is life without some challenges right?

The race is on November 4th and I look forward running it again. I was trying to convert my Hubby to run it with me, but that’s not going to great hehe. I still have a couple of weeks so convincing him to join me.

Our last 10 km was in May (I think, or was it April?) and it was so much fun, next year my goal is to run a 10 mile Cherry Blossom race with my loves. I want to have a little team (totally forcing Hubby to running with me), but first lets concentrate on the race coming up.  

Have a perfect Friday, I am heading up to the Airport to pick up my Mother in law and then I made Leilas frozen cheesecake for dessert tonight. You can find recipe here  (Only if you can read Swedish of course hehe, or else ask me for translate)

Yaiiiii we did it!! (Lets do it again!!!)

Affordable Frutiness

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I used to have a lot of perfumes when I lived back in Sweden and I didn’t really bring them here and somehow I don’t buy that many perfumes anymore. However, I found that Zara has these perfumes that I actually like and are very affordable. I usually use there Rose sent, but I just found this Fruity and Its kind of fun, maybe I’ll get tired of using it everyday, but maybe I’ll buy the floral too and mix choose each one depending on mood.  This one from Zara for only 14 bucks. 

Lets get fruity!

Zara of the week

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I love Zara for sure and this dress catched my eyes. Just lovin it, chic with some leathaaaaa....
And the neck is my favorite, rund and simple with a leather detail. 
From here

Last minute Plan change

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Well I told you we going to NYC, but it just got cancelled today. One of the girls was in a car accident, Thank God she is ok, but she couldn’t go with us and the point was to together so we cancelled the trip and maybe we can go before Christmas or something. So my weekend plans totally changed, so on Friday its family time and I am going to bake a cake for my father in laws birthday. Saturday I am hoping to go to Skyland drive with Hubbz and it’s a 2-hour drive in Virginia through the mountains and this is the peek season with the fall colors. I look forward to that, hope weather is good.

I know I am being shady about what’s going on in my life and eventually it will all come out, I promise. Right now I am trying to figure some stuff out and enjoy the fall.

I hope the sun comes out and I get to see this view. 

Next big thing

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Maybe my next big thing by Alexander Mqueen.
Yes please!

Fall in DC

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 So this Saturday we were invited to Libby’s house for dinner and I had so much fun that I forgot my phone. Seriously, I think I am addicted, I am so handicapped without it and I keep looking for it all the time. How I miss it and I can’t wait to hug it again….Crazy, no way, I know you’re all the same.

So the cold is here and its fall for sure, and I wore my fall jacket today. If I have enough clothes I don’t mind the cold at all. I need gloves though. I wish I could find some nice leather gloves, but it’s hard to find my size.

So this weekend, me and some of my girls are going to NYC to have a girly weekend, and I am soooo excited. We have so many plans and so many outfits to wear that I don’t know when we will fit all of it. My Hubby thinks we are crazy that we are planning so much, but that’s what we love…planning planning and more planning.

I am trying to find an outfit that is chic but also comfortable, and since the cold is here, it also have to warm. Nothing worse than being cold…blaaah! I have some options and I will go home and try them on this week. All I know so far is that we have planned in: Serendipity, Central Park, Max Brenner, Café Habana and Morimoto. Well let’s just say, it’s all food!!! No shopping for me, just food food food, what’s better than that

Ok, as usual a lot is happening in my life right now. I will tell you eventually, but it’s a good thing and I am doing it for me. Let’s just say, I rather remember my life as a happy and joyful life rather than long and miserable.


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"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. "
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes please Tory

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Birthday BRUNCH weekend gone

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Last weekend was hubby's birthday weekend and I have one word that weekend, amazing Brunch! On Friday night I invited my US family over for some dinner and cake and most of the Saturday we spent in DC, trying to find Hubby some clothes. We had dinner with our friends at good sushi place in DC called, Fujumar. We spent the night in Dc and had Brunch in Georgetown the next day at the cutest place ever. I also found ”lakrits” at Dean & Deluca, jippiiiiiiiii….. ( inte like gott som svensk förstås)

Hubby's biggest wish

Frech guacamole at Rosa Mexicana in DC

Three different kind Cheviche 


Yummy sushi

45 min wait, so I had to study the menu.

Totally worth the wait....bye bye Georgetown.

Rainy Rain

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It’s been raining all day, somehow Its kind of nice too (when you are inside of course). I want to go home, so that I can put on the TV and eat some good stuff and just get cozy. I am already having my soup lunch, tomato basil. October is already here, crazy ya’ll. I am wearing tights for the first day of this fall and I love tights with dresses. Less time for shaving legs, YES!!!