Not just a bad hair day

Skrivet den 2013-02-22 kl 05:01:04 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

It was one of those days where you want to burry yourself alive. You know, its been a bad week all over, just bad bad bad. But the only thing good has been my workout, so let me write down my positive things, so I dont complain all the time.

Monday - 40 min run, outside, I ALMOST DIED, too cold

Tuesday – 90 min Hot Yoga (got a bit dizzy at the end)

Wednesday – 40 min run treadmill + strength

Thursday – 30 min interval

Today I did 30 min interval and I wanted to puke, I don’t mind running, but I have not felt anything from running in a while and to see any change I have to be more diverse in my workout so I put this interval in and challenge my body. I WANTED TO DIE, so you basically go FAST as you can for 1 min and step aside for 30 sec and run fast as you can on fast speed for 1 min and you go on. It doesn’t sound bad, but the last minute and half was the worst and I wanted to puke after and that’s a good thing, usually the only thing that makes me tired after working out is swimming and that’s Saturday and that means TOMORROW I AM OFF and maybe Sunday too, well see about that.  I am going to give myself a treat tomorrow, I feel like I deserved it after a crappy emotional week. 

So I also had a bad hair day, but I was rescued by this dry shampoo that my cousin told me about and I felt like it really worked, it gave my hair such a matt clean look. I am impressed.  I am as you know bald these days and eating all I can to grow it back, Omega 3, multivitamin and hair and nail thing. I guess I have to have some patience….GREAT!

Not bad at all, first time I am using a dry shampoo, I orded it online from here.