Everyday Spa for my face

Skrivet den 2013-02-20 kl 00:52:04 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

These are the products that I am using for the moment. I am back with Ole Henriksen and I used Olay for a white, but I like to buy this combo and if it works for you, then why not?

7 steps every night and 6 every morning.

1. Wash and massage my face with face washer, my favorite is this one from Philosophy called purity. 
2. Wipe of all the extra dirt that the cleanser did not remove, I used a simple toner from Sephora. 
3. Toner spray, this helps me hydrate my skin and keep it moist. I used this one for Murad, but Sephora has one that is cheaper and gives the same effect. 

4. A face serum from Ole H and I am addicted to this product and I cant live without it. Not cheap but my baby. 
5. Night gel from Ole H and I dont really know what it does, but it feels good :)
6. Face cream and I love this one, but it has no sp in it, so I have to use another when its sunny outside. 
7. Eye cream from Mac, this is suppose to have cafeine and I think its works fine, I mean I see no wonders, but remember that all these stuff that we put in our faces are for long term, to avoid getting those lines and stuff. 
TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN and DONT touch your face with your hands...no no no...mucho bacteria's.