I welcome the weekend with a BIG smile

Skrivet den 2013-03-15 kl 20:15:41 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Finally weekend and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. So some of you have seen my new project on Facebook, called Petite. I have always liked baking and most all of my friends like to eat sweets or bake sweets. If I could ever have my own bakery I would call it Petite and focus more on bite size desserts.  But I am in no place to have my own bakery but I can share my baking tips with who ever want inspiration or recipes to bake something good to put in your mouth.

My first recipe was a classic Kladdkaka that I love and you can do so much with a simple kladdkaka (sticky chocolate cake), when it comes to decorating it and make it super fancy.

My next project will be more fun and it something you will need more tools, but I have never tried to make this before, so keep your eyes open for my weekend project. I am actually baking for a Sunday girls that I am invited to.

Tonight is a soft night, I might even hit the gym and do some core and then I think it’s a sushi night for us. CAN’T WAIT!

Happy Friday!

Love the building in the back in Brooklyn.