Chocolate day is Heart day

Skrivet den 2013-02-19 kl 04:15:06 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Valentines day is something that is very commercial to me, but when I saw all girls dress up in pink at work, it still makes me smile to see people making an effort to spread some love everywhere (I wore black, head to toe…very catwoman’ish)

I told my hubby its no point of trying to get table anywhere so I wanted to cook a good dinner for him but still something that fits our healthy lifestyle. So I made panfryed white fish (I don’t even remember the name, something fresh from the fish section) and two lobster tails and sweet potato pure. For dessert I had too many chocolate pieces, I mean KOMA was the ending for that night. I had to have a detox Friday because of that. If you put that amazing chocolate in front of my face I am going to stuff it in my face.  

Dinner is served

Tiramisu from my favorite bakery.

A love note from my love