30 year old crises

Skrivet den 2013-02-27 kl 05:46:00 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

I think I am going through some "becoming 30 year old" crisis, I am pretty sure, because I feel like I am thinking too much at the moment. What am I doing with my life? Did I do anything useful for the 2 years I have been here? What am I? Am I successful? How do I get successful? How do I compete with all these ambitious people in this city? And I can go on forever.

I am always thinking too much, and trust me if I could stop I would. I am my worst critic, never proud of myself, always comparing to people around me and I never listen to my own advice. I can say that I am not in the place I want to be in life with my career, it just started and yes, I am thankful. But I am also impatient and frustrated to have think that I have such a long journey to get to where I want to be in life.

So, I am pretty sure its some kind of crises and I know all I need is patience, which SUCKS. I hate that word, but its reality and it’s the truth. Truth hurts, but we just have to deal with it….

My goal for right now is to find a solution to be able to live and have patience and make a plan how to reach my goal, rather then looking how people are passing me in measure of success and I feel like I am just far away from them. I will get there, I just don’t know how right now, but I need to figure it out. 

All I want is to be successful!


Hey! Tycker verkligen att du ska vara stolt över dig sj! Känner inte dig men utifrån din blogg verkar du vara en stark och självständig kvinna som e mån om andra runt om och allt detta i ett helt främmande land ,det är framgång bara det. Hoppas att du kan se det på det sättet, ville dela m mig vad jag tycker bara hope you dont mind :)


2013-02-27 @ 20:33:40