Finally some spring in the air

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It’s not 100 % spring yet but I can feel it in the air, I was outside both Saturday and Sunday, a little bit of Brunch and walk in Georgetown with a friend and some benedict and crepes ahhhhh love spring.  I wore my leather jacket from Zara, but at night it got a bit chilly. I can’t wait until next weekend, my hubby is in Japan so he will be back right in time for next weekend. CAN’T WAIT!

Tomorrow, I am doing some kind of sipping and painting with a friend of mine, that’s going to be very interesting. Today is Monday and I need to hit the gym to focus on strength today. I had my first run outside yesterday and I have to admit I have gotten used to running inside on the treadmill now and found it very challenging to run outside. I have to become better again at that, its crazy how fast the body adjusts to something.

Happy Monday ya’ll!


PS. I am soooo glad to hear that you Anna also collect on cups, such a fun thing and you can used them all the time, genius !

This is my Saturday morning activity, love coming home after a good swim :)

What is a great weekend brunch without a mimosa?

At Nor's bday dinner at Matchbox!

It's a leather jacket day today!




så fin du är..tyvärr är det typ ännu en månad kvar innan vi kan ha på så sköna kläder *gråter* men you look fab kompis!

2013-03-12 @ 06:27:08

tydligen heter jag "h" nuförtiden...

2013-03-12 @ 06:28:03