Leather +Lace = Yes please

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I love this dress, so me me me, but too pricy for a trendy dress. I love it somehow, find the combination very cool and chic but still kind of grudge. This will probably not visit my warbrobe, but it made it to my blogg hehehehe.

Gegga in the face

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I told you I would write a little about the stuff I put in my face and I can tell you it’s a little process. I don’t use that super duper expensive products, but Ole Henriksen serum (that I can’t live without) is worth every penny.  Here are some of the stuff:

1. I wash my face with Purity from Philosophy - Its a product that works for me, and removes all the make up. Not very expensive, this small bottle cost 20 dollar and last for a few months. 
2. Toner - This one is from Sephora (which I heard is opening in Täby C in Stockholm) I have tried more expensive toners and not so expensive one's and its very individal what you like. I like this, because you spray it on your face and let it dry a litte.

I am one of those people who loves to try new products and changes brands all the time, but for a long time I have been in love with these three, by OleHenriksen.
1. Serum - With vitamin C, a drug to me. 
2. (Green) Night Gel, I put it on before bed and it somehow hydrates my face. I only put it on at night. 
3. Day & Night cream - Usually you are suppose to have two different, one for day and one for night. This one works for both. However, when winter comes, I always change my cream to a thicker one. 

I have a dry face!

Dont ever forget eyecream!!!

This has anti-aging but so far I like it, its from Sephora and a new brand that is suppose to have everything that more expensive brands have but, since they don't focus much on packaging, they can sell the product for cheaper. I have tried their face cream and I love it. 

As I mentioned before, I change products all the time, and Its about finding that special product that makes your face glow. My next step is anti-aging products....Its time!!

First book in September

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Muni, was the first one to pick and she picked "A Indian good Wife" and I liked it, but had many opinions about it. But there was a wild discussion, cause this is how I feel: Depending on who reads the book, depending how you grew up and where you are now, you are going to feel very different about the book.  For example, if my mom who came to Sweden during the 80s read this book, she could probably relate to the character Leila more then most girls today. Many things I could relate to and understand and other things made me irritated. However, I love books that have any desi in it. So I am happy I read it …

What....September ending already?

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That’s exactly how I feel, September ending? I don’t get it, but I has been a full month of many activities. Birthday, and my first Book club meeting and last night I saw THE MADONNA. That was amazing, she is such a performer, but I was hoping to hear more old song, but it was still good, 54 year and FABOLOUS.

I want to blog more, but I also want 4 more hours when I come home, NOT happening, but I will keep posting as much as I can.  Midweek already, soon Friday and my Hubby bday weekend starts!!!!!!!

Book club with my Mani & Muni

Dessert: I dont know how to spell it, by I call it AMAZING.

Can't have brunch without my Bennedict (Florentine, this time) 

Can you say: MADONNA?

I ate my first Mussle and I liked it, I mean I don't think I will crave it like people do, but with the sauce and stuff, not bad. 

We had Spicy Thai

Love hanging in IKEA on Saturday's not my Hubby's favorite hehe, but still fun :)



Leather + Military Green = Fall for me

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Jacka: Zara
Klänning: Vila (gammal)
Skor: H&M
Väska: Zara (Fynd)

Jacka: Zara
Klänning: H&M
Skärp: H&M
Skor: Online


Stupid Act of the day

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How stupid can anyone be?


I took an outfit this morning, I’ll take a picture later, but I had some doubt since my Hubby said I looked like a school girl. AaaaOOOCH!

So, I went to the closet to wear this purple dress I never ever use, and it needed to be ironed AND within 2.5 seconds I ruined a perfectly nice dress.


The funny part of this story is that, as I am putting the iron on the dress my mind is thinking…DON’T DO IT, ITS HOT and my hands goes BANG on the dress and there it was, my wasted perfectly fine purple dress. Maybe I’ll make a hoochi mama short dress out of it or why not a top.  I ended up wearing my first choice cause men are confusing. My Hubby came back in the room and said: Why did you change, you looked good. DAMN MISSCOMMUNICATION!

I work out....LMFAO

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 So how is it going with working out and having a job?

Well I have to say that I am not working out 6-7 days a week any more, but THANK GOD for that. I don’t want to work out that much. Ever since I started to work, I have accomplished to work out 3-4 days a week. Mostly 3, but some weeks 4 and I think that’s perfect for me and it gives me some days to recover and relax.

I still run out outside a lot since the weather is amazing here right now. This week:

Monday – Off (My bday)

Tuesday – 4 miles (6,4 km)
Wednesday – Off (Dinner and movie with Hubbz; The Bourne Legacy)
Thursday – 3 miles

Saturday – 1,5 miles outside, 30 min gym body work and 1 mile on treadmill

Sunday – 4 miles (+cleaning the house felt like a workout)

So, this week I am happy with the results, and I know a lot of people say they don’t have motivation and my answer is that you haven’t found the workout that you like. I love running, I think of it as routines that I enjoy (like eating) and it gives me strength and motivation and also a way for me to clear my thoughts (AND I HAVE PLENTY OF THOUGHTS, trust me)

Don’t find excuses of why not to work out, find a workout that works for you and make a plan and stick to it. It doesn’t matter If its 2 days or 4 days a week, stick to your plan and you will make it a part of your living, I promise. I will have to find more workouts then just running as it gets colder, but I am planning to buy clothes for the cold rather then not running outside. Its my thing :)  

Don’t be lazy, working out is fun!!


Badminton is according to me the best workout, I miss it sooo much and I hope I can find a way to play it here in the US someday. I would love to do that once a week. 

3 day weekend?

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I have a theory, why can't weekends be 3 days a week and workingdays 4 days a week, I would vote for any president that implemented that rule :)

Our weekends are always packed and its not that we have plans all weekend, it’s the errands that take most time. We usually wake up late and try to hit the gym on Saturday mornings or go for a run in a park and then come home and eat a big breakfast. I am, as you know a big big fan of weekend breakfast of brunch.

My Hubby also bought me a pair of shoes that I have wanted for a while (My first Tory Burch), its something I didn’t really know about when I lived in Sweden, but a lot of girls have them here and even I fell in love. They are a bit pricy for a pair of ballerinas, but as in any pricy items I will wear them with LOVE.

Saturday night, we went to DC for Ivy’s birthday party at a restaurant called Hudson and I had the most amazing fish. After we continued celebrating at Eden. The night was fun and we met with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and we weren’t planning to be out so late that night, but we did.

Today I had one of those amazing productive days, even though I didn’t finish all my stuff that was on my to-do-list for this weekend. Cleaning, washing clothes, dusting, mopping dry cleaning, folding clothes, unpacking another suitcase and some other stuff. I also made it to Home Goods to buy some stuff for the house and Target. My hubby is busy with Football on Sundays so I don’t mind doing this stuff, I personally think its fun doing errands sometimes.

After I was done I went for a run (4 miles) and came home to have dinner with Hubbz and now I am all dead dead dead and ready for this new week. As I have told you there is some stuff going on with my life, and eventually I’ll let you know, promise.

This week hubby is traveling again, and I feel like I just got used to having him home, but I am so dead when I come home on weekdays that it will go fast.  I also have to call my worst nightmare: THE DENTIST!!!!!!

Ciao amigos have to sleep…

Saturday night out

Hello my new shoes and my tickets to MADONNNAAAA T-1 week!!!

I was planning on reading these today, DIDN'T HAPPENED, maybe this week :)

F is for Funday

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Friday is the best day of the week, after 5 pm that is. I always feel relaxed with or without plans, and our weekends are usually packed. Today I am not quite sure what we are doing, but I am just happy its Friday (HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY). All I want to do is to eat some good food and and chill and not think about anything but fun. This weekend, I want to go to Ikea and buy a new table for our living room and make our little “koja” more personal, maybe buy some more frames and buy stuff to put my Bengali clothes in. THERE IS NO SPACE for them. Somehow I have to make space.


Tomorrow we also have a birthday party for Libby’s cutie sister and Sunday I am going to a Bengali picknick with Munia. I love picnics so that will be fun while my hubby enjoyed Sunday football.

Happy Funday!





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This past weekend was my B-day weekend, its my last year in my 20's. My promise is to live this year in the best way I can, I will have good and bad days, but I want to focus on my Good!!

I made a wish...

We went to my favorite restaurant Raku and I always order this appetizer that was introduced by Pash.

My favorite sushi is the Dragon fly mmmmm

This might not look good, but this is 10 times better then cake, its Crossant breadpudding, warm with vanilla ice cream. ITS TO DIE FOR!!!!

I came home to this, my amazing amigas had make my livingroom to a dessert party, talk about yummiiii

My second wish....

Thank you babes....

Hello Amigos...

I am a cupcake lover and these are from Yogicake with my J on it :) Sooooo good!

Cheers to another year of making amazing memories

Zara pants love

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I usually wear dresses to work, but I love when I find pants that fits me perfect, I love these two that I would love to have in my closet, por favor. 

Everyday is different

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So one day you are happy and one day you are sad, but that’s life right? Well definitely my life, but the most important part is to take advice and love from those you can get support from. I always feel like I want to distance myself from the world when I am upset, however, its not the solution.

I have some stuff going on in my life and its not easy to keep strong all day long….however, I will never give to find what I am looking for. With time I’ll let you know.

Yesterday was my birthday and my hubby gave me tickets to MADONNAAAA!!! And I am going to pick a new wallet, I really need it, I was looking at Marc Jacobs, but I might go with Tory Burch. I also got an amazing top from Zara and some accessories AND A LOT OF Cupcakes and Macaroons.

Thank you all for your B-day wishes….HEART U!

Pure love, I wish I could wear it everyday...

Istanbul in pictures

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Day 1
Dinner with an amazing view and walking around amazing lively Taksim and eating turkish icecream (they always put on a show when you buy icecream)

Day 2
Turkish Hamam and night cruise ( I forgot my camera that night) and lots of turkish tea.

Day 3
Blue Mosque and Haga Sofia, both amazing places, a visit to Grand Bazar and dinner with water, good food and full moon, I was very happy. Also ended with turkish tea and Hoocka. 

Day 4
Trip to Princess Islands, rented bikes and got allergy from horses, since there is like 10000000 horses everywere. However, amazing lunch with amazing view and finished up with boat trip back to Istanbul watching the sunset. 

I heart Istanbul.....


Te che kule

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Means Thank you in turkish, the only word I learned :)

So how jet lagged am I, SUPER JETLAGGED!

So I am back and the day is upside down, I came home from work yesterday and couldn’t move from the couch at all. I wanted to work out but my body was frozen. Today it feels a little better and I hope I will be recovered by the end of this week. The weather in DC is very warm, but I think fall is coming in a couple of weeks.

Let me talk about Turkey, so I have to say that I absolutely loved Istanbul. It’s a perfect city for me and my Hubby. We loved the food, and it’s very lively. Some people prefer piece and quit, but we love a lively place with lots to do.

In 4 night we got to eat amazing food, both authentic and more modern food, see amazing architectures and views. The first night we went to this restaurant in Taksim (The area we stayed in) called 360 Istanbul. The view was amazing and the food was ok, but because if the amazing view it was totally worth it. But I was surprised how chilly it got at night, I didn’t expect that. But Istanbul is surrounded by water and I can see why it gets chilly at night, but daytime it’s heaven.

The second day we had authentic Turkish food and we were in love with the traditional Adana kebab and everything else. Its everything we like and I am very inspired to learn this at home. We did the tour thing to the Asian side and saw the Blue mosque and Sofia and also spent some time at the Grand Bazaar. The Bazaar is extremely BIG and we were lost many times, but you can go around for hours. They have a lot of fake brands, which might be tempting for some people, but I decided that I wasn’t interested to have a fake bag, first because they still cost over 100 dollar and I’ll buy my bag when I can afford a real one J We bought a nice tea set that I liked and I am excited to try it with some Turkish tea and hooka at home.

We also had dinner next to the Bosphorous  canal and ate amazing fish while looking at the moon with an amazing view. The last day we enjoyed the day by taking the boat to one of the four princess islands. The islands don’t have any cars, therefore the only transportations is by bike, walking or horse carriage. It was absolutely beautiful, however, I am allergic to horses and my nose was dying. BUT I fought it and managed to keep stable with a lot of sneezes. We did have lunch at this top, high in the mountains and I just wanted to freeze time, cause it was so beautiful and for a little moment I didn’t even sneeze.

Overall, we loved it and we will definitely go back, hopefully with our families. The city describes us, the combination between east and west. Best of both worlds. …..

If I could freeze time....dinner at one of the Princess islands...do I need to say more?

10 days felt like 10 seconds

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I heart Uppsala + Stockhom = Hem

Celebrated Eid with my family.

Ate icecream in my favorite town with Mommy.

Ate my favorite Kebab in Uppsala with my dad and bro's.

Played Badminton with my dad and these goofballs...
Talk about pain in my body, my dad is good and makes me run too much. 

Love my mom's traditional Chicken roast...mmmm

Went to Sarah's 4th grade class and talked about how it is to live in America. Amazing kids and I hope I get to see them again one day, if they remember me. 

Dinner in a rainy Stockholm, with these loves, BFF Sara and her baby Jacob. I can't live without this girl. I miss you both soooo much :(


Saturday Brunch with these two amazing girls, who have a special place in my heart. And my first meeting with my new friend Aryan jaan. I miss him and can't beleive my childhood friend has a baby. Love you both.

Went to a Bengali party and spent some time with my love Sarah. 

Had too much candy, but also got a looooot of candy to take home. Thank you Bobby for ruining my discipline hehe. 

Reunion with my High school Bff's and we had this amazing Lobster. I wish I had some more time with you guys. Hope to see you all soon.

Meza lunch with my family, cousin and bro's. How I will miss these moments...

10 days felt like 10 seconds, and I didn't get the time to meet all of my friends, but I had an amazing time. One night, the guys were in downtown Uppsala and I stayed at home. My mom and I talked before she went to sleep and then I sat next to dad while he was sufing on the net. I loved that moment, so simple but so real. Just hanging out with my amazing parents, how I will miss them. 

This trip was too short, but amazing. I feel like I realized who I love and who I miss but also how I realized that my life is here in the states now with my amazing Hubby. The thought of not seeing my family and friends for a while hurts a lot. But I have met amazing people here in US and I am happy and blessed to have them close to me. For everyone I didn't meet, I missed you but hopefully I'll see you all soon. 

PS. Snoop Doggy has moved to US with me tihihihii

And we are back.......

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