New fresh week - The new year starts here..

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This weekend has been amazing and crap at the same time. Saturday was so much fun, because I asked all the “Football” wife’s and supporters to come over for a reunion.  I love these guys and it was nice to have them over and as usual It was overload of stuff to eat, cause I never know how much to make. Well, dinner was not made by me, because Hubbz ordered butter chicken from a restaurant. I made more desserts.  (Leilas frozen cheesecake and pannacotta )

Sunday was not as fun, I had to finish Swea all day and then I missed most of the Redskins game, however, they lost but I am so proud and I have totally fallen in love with the sport. Looking forward to next season.  So, crappy Sunday ended up with a hot shower and one episode of “Friday night lights”.

For me, the New Year starts here, with no more Swea and no more holiday eating. I have totally gained some pounds after the holiday and that’s fine, it was all worth it. But I want to be back on track and make a workout schedule again and eat better on the weekdays. I have to set up a plan.

I have not been running outside for a while, cause of the cold. This week is a bit better than last week, but I am trying to get used to run on the treadmill again until its gets a little bit warmer. Today I am going back to the gym after work and I have a new podcast that’s amazing, which makes workout so much more fun.


Dessert yummmm


När jag springer på löpbandet så tar jag med mig vår ipad och tittar på någon rolig såpa. Tiden går mycket snabbare då! =) Good luck with your running!!!! Jag ska också starta upp på nytt efter några veckors förkylning!!!

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