What....September ending already?

Skrivet den 2012-09-26 kl 06:25:00 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

That’s exactly how I feel, September ending? I don’t get it, but I has been a full month of many activities. Birthday, and my first Book club meeting and last night I saw THE MADONNA. That was amazing, she is such a performer, but I was hoping to hear more old song, but it was still good, 54 year and FABOLOUS.

I want to blog more, but I also want 4 more hours when I come home, NOT happening, but I will keep posting as much as I can.  Midweek already, soon Friday and my Hubby bday weekend starts!!!!!!!

Book club with my Mani & Muni

Dessert: I dont know how to spell it, by I call it AMAZING.

Can't have brunch without my Bennedict (Florentine, this time) 

Can you say: MADONNA?

I ate my first Mussle and I liked it, I mean I don't think I will crave it like people do, but with the sauce and stuff, not bad. 

We had Spicy Thai

Love hanging in IKEA on Saturday's not my Hubby's favorite hehe, but still fun :)