Stupid Act of the day

Skrivet den 2012-09-20 kl 22:09:28 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

How stupid can anyone be?


I took an outfit this morning, I’ll take a picture later, but I had some doubt since my Hubby said I looked like a school girl. AaaaOOOCH!

So, I went to the closet to wear this purple dress I never ever use, and it needed to be ironed AND within 2.5 seconds I ruined a perfectly nice dress.


The funny part of this story is that, as I am putting the iron on the dress my mind is thinking…DON’T DO IT, ITS HOT and my hands goes BANG on the dress and there it was, my wasted perfectly fine purple dress. Maybe I’ll make a hoochi mama short dress out of it or why not a top.  I ended up wearing my first choice cause men are confusing. My Hubby came back in the room and said: Why did you change, you looked good. DAMN MISSCOMMUNICATION!