Skrivet den 2012-09-14 kl 01:07:42 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

This past weekend was my B-day weekend, its my last year in my 20's. My promise is to live this year in the best way I can, I will have good and bad days, but I want to focus on my Good!!

I made a wish...

We went to my favorite restaurant Raku and I always order this appetizer that was introduced by Pash.

My favorite sushi is the Dragon fly mmmmm

This might not look good, but this is 10 times better then cake, its Crossant breadpudding, warm with vanilla ice cream. ITS TO DIE FOR!!!!

I came home to this, my amazing amigas had make my livingroom to a dessert party, talk about yummiiii

My second wish....

Thank you babes....

Hello Amigos...

I am a cupcake lover and these are from Yogicake with my J on it :) Sooooo good!

Cheers to another year of making amazing memories