An Active life

Skrivet den 2012-11-12 kl 18:47:44 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Two Sunday’s in a row I have had two pretty active days, first 10 km and this Sunday it was all about Zumba for Cancer. Me and my 3 girls signed up for a 2 hour zumba class and I have to say it was totally insane and fun. One hour went by really fast and I was jumping all the time. After 1,5 hour my arms and legs were pretty tired but somehow we made it through the whole thing. The money we paid went to breast cancer and most people wore pink. I didn’t have any pink, so maybe next year I’ll wear something pink too.

I love having girls around me who loves to be active, it’s a great way of working out. Get your girls together and go for a zumba class together. We all had a big Mexican dinner after the workout  and talk girly talk, what is better then that? Work out and eat good food, my philosophy in life, work hard eat a lot hihi. 

Lots of girl, it got really crowded at the end.

Me and my active partner <3

4 powergirls and the amazing instructors.