F is for Funday

Skrivet den 2012-09-14 kl 21:23:26 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Friday is the best day of the week, after 5 pm that is. I always feel relaxed with or without plans, and our weekends are usually packed. Today I am not quite sure what we are doing, but I am just happy its Friday (HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY). All I want to do is to eat some good food and and chill and not think about anything but fun. This weekend, I want to go to Ikea and buy a new table for our living room and make our little “koja” more personal, maybe buy some more frames and buy stuff to put my Bengali clothes in. THERE IS NO SPACE for them. Somehow I have to make space.


Tomorrow we also have a birthday party for Libby’s cutie sister and Sunday I am going to a Bengali picknick with Munia. I love picnics so that will be fun while my hubby enjoyed Sunday football.

Happy Funday!