3 day weekend?

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I have a theory, why can't weekends be 3 days a week and workingdays 4 days a week, I would vote for any president that implemented that rule :)

Our weekends are always packed and its not that we have plans all weekend, it’s the errands that take most time. We usually wake up late and try to hit the gym on Saturday mornings or go for a run in a park and then come home and eat a big breakfast. I am, as you know a big big fan of weekend breakfast of brunch.

My Hubby also bought me a pair of shoes that I have wanted for a while (My first Tory Burch), its something I didn’t really know about when I lived in Sweden, but a lot of girls have them here and even I fell in love. They are a bit pricy for a pair of ballerinas, but as in any pricy items I will wear them with LOVE.

Saturday night, we went to DC for Ivy’s birthday party at a restaurant called Hudson and I had the most amazing fish. After we continued celebrating at Eden. The night was fun and we met with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and we weren’t planning to be out so late that night, but we did.

Today I had one of those amazing productive days, even though I didn’t finish all my stuff that was on my to-do-list for this weekend. Cleaning, washing clothes, dusting, mopping dry cleaning, folding clothes, unpacking another suitcase and some other stuff. I also made it to Home Goods to buy some stuff for the house and Target. My hubby is busy with Football on Sundays so I don’t mind doing this stuff, I personally think its fun doing errands sometimes.

After I was done I went for a run (4 miles) and came home to have dinner with Hubbz and now I am all dead dead dead and ready for this new week. As I have told you there is some stuff going on with my life, and eventually I’ll let you know, promise.

This week hubby is traveling again, and I feel like I just got used to having him home, but I am so dead when I come home on weekdays that it will go fast.  I also have to call my worst nightmare: THE DENTIST!!!!!!

Ciao amigos have to sleep…

Saturday night out

Hello my new shoes and my tickets to MADONNNAAAA T-1 week!!!

I was planning on reading these today, DIDN'T HAPPENED, maybe this week :)