Gegga in the face

Skrivet den 2012-09-28 kl 05:51:51 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

I told you I would write a little about the stuff I put in my face and I can tell you it’s a little process. I don’t use that super duper expensive products, but Ole Henriksen serum (that I can’t live without) is worth every penny.  Here are some of the stuff:

1. I wash my face with Purity from Philosophy - Its a product that works for me, and removes all the make up. Not very expensive, this small bottle cost 20 dollar and last for a few months. 
2. Toner - This one is from Sephora (which I heard is opening in Täby C in Stockholm) I have tried more expensive toners and not so expensive one's and its very individal what you like. I like this, because you spray it on your face and let it dry a litte.

I am one of those people who loves to try new products and changes brands all the time, but for a long time I have been in love with these three, by OleHenriksen.
1. Serum - With vitamin C, a drug to me. 
2. (Green) Night Gel, I put it on before bed and it somehow hydrates my face. I only put it on at night. 
3. Day & Night cream - Usually you are suppose to have two different, one for day and one for night. This one works for both. However, when winter comes, I always change my cream to a thicker one. 

I have a dry face!

Dont ever forget eyecream!!!

This has anti-aging but so far I like it, its from Sephora and a new brand that is suppose to have everything that more expensive brands have but, since they don't focus much on packaging, they can sell the product for cheaper. I have tried their face cream and I love it. 

As I mentioned before, I change products all the time, and Its about finding that special product that makes your face glow. My next step is anti-aging products....Its time!!