What it's Wednesday?

Skrivet den 2013-02-06 kl 20:00:29 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Monday is the worst day for sure, but suddenly I realized that it’s already Wednesday and the weeks just disappear and soon it’s Friday again. This past weekend was Super bowl weekend and my hubby was in the actual city where they were playing, so I had a girl’s weekend with my friends. Lots of fun, we went swimming and one if the girls had a super bowl party and the team that won was not who I cheered for, but it was a great game, so I am happy anyway. So excited for next season, I never thought I would like American football like this, but somehow I just really enjoy the games. But I do miss normal football or soccer that they call it here. My dream is to go to Brazil next year. I have not seen a normal “soccer” game in while and it will be fun. I mean who doesn’t love world cup? I will miss my dad around that time, because it was our bounding times.

How is everyone’s workout going? So far this week I have been good, swimming on Monday and an on the treadmill yesterday and some weights, so today I am off (yesssssssssssssss) and I am going to enjoy a great dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Tomorrow I have to run and Friday I am off again. I have to plan some baking for this Saturday. My mother in law is having a party and I think I am going to make Leila’s frozen cheesecake and mini pannacotta, its easy and usually peeps like it. I just have to find some plastic cups to put them in and I have to make maybe 30-40 or them.  

Happy Hump day!

Super bowl and I had to rock my lovley Redskins shirt.