So the day has come

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When it’s time to take a break from blogging life. I have not been good at blogging anyway lately. But I knew it might come one day but I have been blogging for 2 and half years and it’s been a lot of fun. I think I am ready for a break and start focusing on other things. I might come back, but for now I won’t blog for a little while. Whoever has been reading, I hope I could inspire you in anyway.


Love to you all…


Happy spring <3


I work out said LMFAO

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So how is your workout going, I am hanging in there, planning my week and never give up any sessions unless my body said STOP you need a break.

Last week schedule:

Monday – Morning 40 min run on treadmill

Tuesday – Off, I was tired

Wednesday – Morning 40 min run on the treadmill

Thursday – Off

Friday – Morning 40 min run on the treadmill

Saturday  -  40 min Swim

Sunday – 40 min run plus weights

This week I am off this weekend, cause I am going to NYC for the bachelorette. I was planning to do some yoga yesterday but that didn’t happened.

Monday – 30 run after work

Tuesday (Today) – Morning 40 min run

Wednesday – Only weights and strength

Thursday – Morning run

Friday -  Morning run



What does your schedule look like?

I made it this morning 

A night at the Ball

Skrivet den 2013-03-26 kl 17:05:23 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

For this princess birhday I bought two tickets to the Cinderella Ballet at the Kennedy Center. 

Love this place
I fur'ed it up a little.

Right here, right now

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So I wanted to share something with you guys, well some of you have followed my journey here in the US and know that its been a rollercoaster and maybe some people would have adjusted to a different county better than I have and some people would have agreed with me.

I def. missed home a lot and struggled but one of my new years resolution this year was to be happy and live an easy and not so complicated life.  And until now I feel like I didn’t accomplish it.


This past weekend has been very eventful but I also realized something. One of my friends shared some very happy news with me and I have also met a few new friends that had me thinking. I woke up on Sunday morning and finally finally realized something. I THINK I GOT IT, I THINK I KNOW WHAT MY problem is.


For a while, I have been feeling that something is missing in my life, but I could not really point it out. Was it family? Career or what was it? Why could I not feel completely happy and this weekend (even if it sounds silly) it finally hit me, something my husband and cousin was telling me for 2 years but I didn’t listen.

The reason I am bringing this up now, is because my 2 years anniversary of living here is coming up and It took me that long to figure it out. My problem is, my whole life I have been trying to fit in with everyone and at some point in my life I think I finally felt like I had my career and stuff and then I made the decision to move here and start over and any fool can tell you that’s not easy. BUT, my problem is, for two years I have been chasing and comparing myself with everyone. I have built a network and I have finally found people that I love and can relate to. But I have also realized that all these people somehow made me cry, not because they are bad people, not at all, probably the opposite.

No, they made me cry, because I wanted to be like them. I wanted their career, I wanted their houses and other stuff, I wanted to travel like them, I wanted to be at the same place as everyone else. Well, you are thinking, that’s nothing new. I know! But, that’s not the point. My point is, for two years I have been chasing everything and comparing with everyone, that I have not stopped to think what I actually have experienced and accomplished.  I HAVE finally realized, that this is not going to work; I need to stop and open my eyes. I am turning 30 this year and the 20s was amazing. But if I don’t stop and look around I am going to wake up when I am 60 and by that time, maybe I am successful and I have my dream job and dream family and dream house, BUT AT THAT POINT I AM 60 YEARS OLD. Since I always plan for future success, I will miss enjoying what I have now. When it comes to career or body or friends, or house or whatever, I am always looking around me but not looking inside me.

Confused, I don’t blame you. I have been confused for 2 years and I don’t expect you to understand, but just lets say: I get it. Let me say it like this. If our lives are a book and each chapter is a part of our lives, and you know at the end of the book there is always a summery. Well, I will have my summery, I will have my job and my kids (if I live a healthy life of course) my house and all that, and it will be there in my book like most people, but I WONT HAVE IT at the same time as everyone else. Lets say X person is earning amazing amount of money and I will to, just maybe 2 years after her, and THAT’S OK. When I am 60 and look back on my life, I wont care if I got the dream house at age 30 or 32, but if I don’t open my eyes now I am going to stand there at 60 and realize I was always running and chasing something better, rather than stopping and looking around what assets I have  and what I can do with it RIGHT NOW.

You must be bored and maybe you stopped reading, but lets just say yesterday was a good day and I have decided to start enjoying and stop complaining and think about all the things I am going to do this year. I have always hated the word patience and yesterday I realized that it’s not such a bad word. Taking one day at the time and enjoying it, doesn’t have to be so bad. I don’t want to rush though my life, I want to live and learn and experience and enjoy every moment.  If we work hard, we will get the reward we want in life, and yes we wont get everything, some people will always be luckier than others and have bigger assets than others, but if we can’t find that inner happiness, nothing really matters. It’s not just about what you have, and what she/he has, it’s about what we are doing right now to make everyday a day to remember. Life goes by fast, Monday and poff its Friday, and then Monday again and then its Friday. Like my dad said: DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE IT COMES FAST ENOUGH.

Right here, right now….that’s my new view of life. 

Lazy Lördag

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I have not blogged for a while, just have not had anything fun happening. But what is better than a lazy Saturday morning. That’s something to celebrate every weekend. Last night I went to a engagement Happy Hour and they hosted it at Vappe, my spot in Stockholm. I have had great memories at that place and many people don’t know of the place here but I love it. Something about Vapiano.

Hubbz is going to Football practice so I have decided to not do anything at all this morning. I will go swimming later, but first indulge myself with some yummy breakfast and clean the house with good music.

I am having sushi tonight, with some great friends, we are celebrating one of friends getting into Med school.

Tomorrow I am taking a friend to see the Cinderella Ballet at the Kennedy Center. I love ballet and apparently so does she, so I bought her tickets for her birthday.

Oki, hungry BYE!

I love laziness <3

I welcome the weekend with a BIG smile

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Finally weekend and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. So some of you have seen my new project on Facebook, called Petite. I have always liked baking and most all of my friends like to eat sweets or bake sweets. If I could ever have my own bakery I would call it Petite and focus more on bite size desserts.  But I am in no place to have my own bakery but I can share my baking tips with who ever want inspiration or recipes to bake something good to put in your mouth.

My first recipe was a classic Kladdkaka that I love and you can do so much with a simple kladdkaka (sticky chocolate cake), when it comes to decorating it and make it super fancy.

My next project will be more fun and it something you will need more tools, but I have never tried to make this before, so keep your eyes open for my weekend project. I am actually baking for a Sunday girls that I am invited to.

Tonight is a soft night, I might even hit the gym and do some core and then I think it’s a sushi night for us. CAN’T WAIT!

Happy Friday!

Love the building in the back in Brooklyn. 

Family love

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Having such an urge to go back home. I think no matter what age I get, you will always miss your parents and life is not complete without them and their support. I know it’s normal and I think when I have a family of my own it will be easier. People do this all the time, so can I, I hope!

Finally some spring in the air

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It’s not 100 % spring yet but I can feel it in the air, I was outside both Saturday and Sunday, a little bit of Brunch and walk in Georgetown with a friend and some benedict and crepes ahhhhh love spring.  I wore my leather jacket from Zara, but at night it got a bit chilly. I can’t wait until next weekend, my hubby is in Japan so he will be back right in time for next weekend. CAN’T WAIT!

Tomorrow, I am doing some kind of sipping and painting with a friend of mine, that’s going to be very interesting. Today is Monday and I need to hit the gym to focus on strength today. I had my first run outside yesterday and I have to admit I have gotten used to running inside on the treadmill now and found it very challenging to run outside. I have to become better again at that, its crazy how fast the body adjusts to something.

Happy Monday ya’ll!


PS. I am soooo glad to hear that you Anna also collect on cups, such a fun thing and you can used them all the time, genius !

This is my Saturday morning activity, love coming home after a good swim :)

What is a great weekend brunch without a mimosa?

At Nor's bday dinner at Matchbox!

It's a leather jacket day today!



New weird hobby

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So I don’t really collect on anything, but I have seen many people do this. Collect on Starbucks cups. So far I only have two, but I will buy a Washington DC and hopefully Boston soon and my Hubby is going to Tokyo so I forced him to buy me one from there. The deal is where I am going I will buy one, but Tokyo would be soooo cool, so agreed for exotic places. 

2 to begin and many to come :)

A chilly NYC

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I love the view when you arrive to NYC, butterflies in my jelly belly. 

A walk around the city, here at Rockefeller Center.

We stayed at the Time Square W, they always have amazing interiour. 

Brunch at Thalia, I always order the same thing. You love what you love. 

A chilly Times Square.

A random visit to this pop up store and the story is: we were standing outside the store and the line was long and they just closed off the line. Somehow, these two girls walked by and they were selling CD's and somehow my Hubbz asked if we bought a CD, then could get it signed. Obviously they said no cause the line was already closed. But somehow, when we were about to leave, some lady told me to follow a guys and then everything happened so fast. Suddenly I passed the whole line and some guard told me to stand first in line, he also said. I think I’ve seen you. I was like WHAT? So, somehow me and my Hubbz was let in first for some reason and got 30 sec to get our CD signed. And I somehow forgot my own language, and became really nervous and said something really lame in Swedish and POFF it was over. But that clearly made my day :)

Two great Swedish Dj's, dont know where the third one was?

A very happy girl :)

On our way to the Barcleys Center in Brooklyn to see the show. I did my superman move, hubby a bit confused. 

The show was amazing and I jumped so much and almost got emotional at the end. At one point I was screaming my friend Mandy's name, we have shared many moments with their songs. This heart was for you <3

Next day we woke up early and went to Williamsburg to have brunch and look what I found on the way. 

Brooklyn Love

Had to wait 40 min for our table, but soooo worth it. 

My favorite meal of the day...breakfast/brunch yummy

Cute place called Five Leaves with organic food and trendy people. 

My other half :)

We used a lot of Subway this time, a little confusing, but you get it after a while I guess. 

Sad to go back to reality, but thats life and I will be back soon. 

Sneaky Shoes

Skrivet den 2013-03-01 kl 05:02:34 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Somehow Friday seem to be the busiest day of the week for me but that means that weekend is close and this Saturday I am going to NYC to see Swedish House Maffia for the first and last time, its their last tour and we bought our tickets LONG time ago. I am so excited and sad at the same time, exited to see them live but sad to know they will split up. But we are leaving Saturday morning and have some brunch I hope and walk around the amazing city. Since its only for one day, we are staying downtown at the W and going back home on Sunday. I am actually going to NYC again at the end of March for an exciting bachelorette party.

I bought a pair of shoes that I have been eyeing on for a while, I have wearing flat shoes cause I hate feeling short when I have a outfit that I like, and I very rarely wear sneakers. But these are perfect, they are simple but still casual and still little wedge wohoooo.

I will also bring my new boots from Zara that I have not shown you. Just normal ankle boots that I love love love.  

Well Its been crazy at work and I feel like I need another 4 hours at work, I somehow must become even more time consuming, I feel like I am working all the time, but time is not enough.  I would also like to thank for a nice comment I got from my Crises post, I sometime forget that it’s a blog and I really appreciate the support.

Time to go to sleeeeeeeep, came home from working out and I look forward to NOT work out this weekend. I am going to try to wake up tomorrow and run, but I have told you that before and it has not happened so let’s just see. 

Look even Snoop Dog like them :)