A chilly NYC

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I love the view when you arrive to NYC, butterflies in my jelly belly. 

A walk around the city, here at Rockefeller Center.

We stayed at the Time Square W, they always have amazing interiour. 

Brunch at Thalia, I always order the same thing. You love what you love. 

A chilly Times Square.

A random visit to this pop up store and the story is: we were standing outside the store and the line was long and they just closed off the line. Somehow, these two girls walked by and they were selling CD's and somehow my Hubbz asked if we bought a CD, then could get it signed. Obviously they said no cause the line was already closed. But somehow, when we were about to leave, some lady told me to follow a guys and then everything happened so fast. Suddenly I passed the whole line and some guard told me to stand first in line, he also said. I think I’ve seen you. I was like WHAT? So, somehow me and my Hubbz was let in first for some reason and got 30 sec to get our CD signed. And I somehow forgot my own language, and became really nervous and said something really lame in Swedish and POFF it was over. But that clearly made my day :)

Two great Swedish Dj's, dont know where the third one was?

A very happy girl :)

On our way to the Barcleys Center in Brooklyn to see the show. I did my superman move, hubby a bit confused. 

The show was amazing and I jumped so much and almost got emotional at the end. At one point I was screaming my friend Mandy's name, we have shared many moments with their songs. This heart was for you <3

Next day we woke up early and went to Williamsburg to have brunch and look what I found on the way. 

Brooklyn Love

Had to wait 40 min for our table, but soooo worth it. 

My favorite meal of the day...breakfast/brunch yummy

Cute place called Five Leaves with organic food and trendy people. 

My other half :)

We used a lot of Subway this time, a little confusing, but you get it after a while I guess. 

Sad to go back to reality, but thats life and I will be back soon. 


ÅHHH JUTTAN!!! hahaha fan va kul att du ropa mitt namn!!!!! Jag kände det hela vägen över atlanten :))))))))))))) SAKNAR DIG <3

2013-03-07 @ 08:39:20