Uffffff two days to Weekend

Skrivet den 2013-01-17 kl 16:08:13 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

These two weeks has been crazy at work and I feel like I need more hours of the day, I know keep saying that. But when I come by 7 pm and suddenly it’s time to sleep again and I have been fighting to be in bed by 11 pm but that seems to be impossible. I am going try every day until I get that routine.  Last night I had the PMS and I came home dead and had to drag myself to the gym after seeing a Victoria Secret commercial. As soon as I get to the gym everything is fine but it’s a struggle to get there when I come home, I always just push myself as much as can.

It’s Thursday and I am going to try to make dinner tonight and workout so I can take tomorrow off. What should I make, something with ground beef maybe.

Ps, I saw someone instagramming about a book to be more time efficient…NEED THAT BOOK ASAP!

It's cold again, but I started running outside again, today it's suppose to snow, blaaaaah! Can't wait for spring!