Can you eat too much chocolate?

Skrivet den 2013-01-31 kl 19:59:52 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Yes you can according to my stomach and I am going to say all that chocolate we ate at Serendipity was worth it, but my stomach has not been the best.  I finally purchased a pair of diesel jeans. I can wear them on my casual Friday look. It’s already Thursday and time just flies by so quickly. Yesterday I went for a run outside, because the weather has been weird here, yesterday was actually warm and today it’s cold again.  One of my friends sent me this link to a good blog for runners and that girl had a great workout schedule. I am going to try to keep doing what she is doing:

-Run 3 times a week, try to maintain Tuesday and Thursday and one day of Saturday and Sunday.

-1 day Yoga or Pilates

-1 day core – Strength and maybe 10 min run fast.

(-1 day swimming on weekends)

= that is 5 times a week and not too hard core and I will always get Friday off and one more weekday, like Wednesday or Tuesday, depending how much I have planned. So far I am able to maintain the running part and the strength but not swimming and yoga. I honestly think they are as important as the other.  I will also do Zumba once in a while. Try to plan your week training on Sunday and then make your plans after that, that way you will balance your training well.  My dear cousin mentioned that she does her training in the morning and how amazing she feels, I am NOT a morning person, but that is going to be my goal in the spring. Workout before work and have soooo much time after work. Looking forward to that.

Happy Thursday peeps!


We are celebrating our 1 year friendship thihihih corny YES indeed, but we love it!

My calender at work!