Healthy salad sushi?

Skrivet den 2013-02-13 kl 20:58:00 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

My favorite thing in who whole world is probably sushi and I never get board of it so I found this healthy sushi option at lunch and I am not a big salad eater to be honest, so of you make salad into a sushi, YES I WILL EAT YOU!!!

Wednesday today and that means running day, I went to dinner with work yesterday after two days of intense training and after they took us to a very cute restaurant called Clyde’s and it felt like we were in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, but actually we were just 10 min from my house.

My goal today is to be in bed early and then wake up EARLY on Thursday and try to work out…let see if that will happened. Have not been able to wake up early for a very long time, one of my weaknesses in life (that and Yogurt covered candy (naturgodis).

One part of my lunch...