Little bit everything weekend

Skrivet den 2012-10-30 kl 22:13:57 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

This has been a weekend of everything, it started with some Eid celebration to some Halloween horror to Sandy taking over our lives. Eid 2 as I like to call it was a great day, we literally were out for 12 house and jumping from house to house and ended the day with some friends and hooka.

It was also Halloween weekend, and personally I am not a big fan of Halloween, but in US its such a big event and I think I will like it more when I have kids, tomorrow is actually the real Halloween and all the kids will trick or treat everywhere.  Hubbz and me had an amazing brunch with the fab couple Malik and after we kind of cancelled the Halloween thing we had planned for the night. We weren’t really feeling it at all.  So we decided to go to Target and load up for all the things we needed for the Sandy storm that was coming. On the way home, we saw this Haunted house. For those people who know me, knows that I HATE ANYTHING that’s scary, I can never watch scary movies and I get very easily scared. So the haunted house was NO option for me.

However, Libby and her hubby were on their way to DC all dressed up as vampires and came to our house to chill before they left. Their plans got cancelled at the last minute and so did their trip to DC. So me and my hubby felt really sad, since they were all dressed up ready to leave and Hubby suggested the Haunted house. At first I was pretty sure that I was never ever going to put my foot in that house ever for pitty, but at the same time I felt bad and it was already late for them to make new plans, so I AGREED!

I have to say, I have been in Haunted house in Stockholm, Gröna Lund and I thought that was scary. THAT IS NOTHING, THIS WAS INSANE and I don’t think I saw much. American Haunted house are no jokes. I was so scared I had to bend down and close my eyes almost the whole thing. There were hundreds of Zombies and the walk was about 30 min. I didn’t see much, BUT I AM NEVER EVER going back!!

Sandy was horrible, but we were fine and had a lot of food and did loose power at the end of the night, however, it came back and I feel bad for all the family’s that has to suffer from power loss. Everything is back to normal and the holidays are coming and so is my brother yaiiiii….

Brunch date with the cutest twin and the food and the Mimosas were amazing, totally going back soon!

EId Mubarak 2