Last minute Plan change

Skrivet den 2012-10-10 kl 05:25:21 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Well I told you we going to NYC, but it just got cancelled today. One of the girls was in a car accident, Thank God she is ok, but she couldn’t go with us and the point was to together so we cancelled the trip and maybe we can go before Christmas or something. So my weekend plans totally changed, so on Friday its family time and I am going to bake a cake for my father in laws birthday. Saturday I am hoping to go to Skyland drive with Hubbz and it’s a 2-hour drive in Virginia through the mountains and this is the peek season with the fall colors. I look forward to that, hope weather is good.

I know I am being shady about what’s going on in my life and eventually it will all come out, I promise. Right now I am trying to figure some stuff out and enjoy the fall.

I hope the sun comes out and I get to see this view.