Weekends are the best

Skrivet den 2012-11-19 kl 21:51:54 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

Weekends go by fast, we all know that and somehow my hubby and me get less sleep on the weekends than we do on the weekdays. Last Thursday I went back to Raku (my favorite Sushi restaurant ever) for Joya’s birthday. We had missed her birthday party and decided to take her out and like me she is a huge sushi fan.  Friday ended up being bowling night until late 2 am in the morning but it was fun and at the end I lost my mojo went down quick, but it was lots of fun.

This weekend was my hubbys American Football Bengali Tournament, and as a supporting wife, me and all the other wife’s and girlfriends etc. went to see the game. Our team ended up doing very well and we stayed at the field the whole day. It was cold but a lot of fun cheering for our boys.  Our amazing team came to the final and won silver and we celebrated at a Korean restaurant called Honey pig and it was amazing food and the place felt very authentic. I really love Korean food so I will definitely go back there soon.

Speaking of food, this is where it begins, THANKSGIVING IS BAAACK! This week is Thanksgiving week and also now my favorite holiday. Thursday is actual thanksgiving and we are celebrating with a group of family friends. Thursday is another party at my brother in law’s house in celebration for my brother coming to the states (yayayayaya) and Sunday I am hosting a party for the younger generation at my in-laws house. SO I HAVE TO make sure my training is on top, cause there is one thing for sure, this food is NOT healthy but damn good and I love this type of food. I am also making a lot of stuff so I need to plan now.

Work out hard and eat well and that’s what I love about life. 

This does not look like anything special, but its a Crossant Pudding and it taste like heaven.

Christmas tree is up in Bethesda, the holiday is coming.

I was somehow named as J Lo hmm

I made homemade fruitcake for the dinner party we attended.

My little yellow flower.

Nr one fan!

The Amazing cheerleading team

We won silver, well done. 

Korean is fuuuun!