Did it again!!!

Skrivet den 2012-11-04 kl 21:36:07 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

I am sitting and having coffee and a salted caramel cakepops from Starbucks, two of my favorite things. I am soooo full from brunch, but I still wanted my reward as I am watching Sex and the City in a cozy bed. 

Today was my 10 km run and Munias first 5 km run and I am sooo proud over her. It was really cold outside and but somehow you run better in the cold, I just wish I wore my gloves cause my hands were freezing.

However, we did it and it felt so good finishing, I felt like this 10km race was harder then the last one, so many up and down hills, I kept a good paste and finished with 57 min. I am just happy I made it!

After a loooooong hot shower, we went to brunch at Chef Geoff’s and I had an amazing brunch. I always order the egg benedict or the egg Chesapeake and I am so full but had to buy my salted caramel pops, it’s heaven in a pop.  I am just going to lay in my bed an enjoy my pops until the football game is over and then make a blueberry “smul” paj for the dinner party I am going to tonight. Smulpaj is probably the easiest thing you can make, but ohhh so good :)

Before the run, super excited with Munia and Katie.

We all did it!!! LETS EAT!!!

Three eggs overload and I enjoyed every bite of it. 

Three amazing girls <3


Yeah!!! Bra jobbat!!!!!

2012-11-06 @ 20:50:15