Busy week with some great news

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So It’s been a while since I blogged and I have had my hands full last week, with SWEA, Thanksgiving and my brother visiting. I had two Thanksgiving dinners, one on the actual day and one on Sunday for my brother. So there has been a lot of food eating but also food making. I have made so many different desserts that I think I am on break for a while. I made a daimcake, Leilas blueberry cheesecake, margängcake, two sweet potato casseroles, rimbo bullar, cockosbollar and bluberry crumble pie. The worst part is that my kitchen is pretty small and I had to clean all the stuff between so I could re-use it. So YES, I am taking a small break from baking. But my mom sent me some saffron so that I can make lussebullar before Christmas.

Anyway, I also have some great news and I am going to tell people here on the blog, since some don’t even know that I have been interviewing for some positions. I have got an offer for a job in marketing and I am starting this Monday with a Marketing team in the healthcare market. I am so happy, but don’t want to make a big deal about it, since last time didn’t go so well. I really want this one to work out, since I have always had a dream to work with marketing since I started collage. So, I’ll keep you updated how everything goes. But for now, I am just going to be happy. I feel proud of myself, never giving up when it comes to job hunting. I applied to maybe 300 jobs and only 2 companies heard back to me and I was lucky to nail the interview. But it was also a position I really wanted, so for once I felt like I found a position I really wanted to work with. But I am not going to say too much and see what happens.

So yeiii, great news…I have not told all people yet, just want to keep it low key for a while and pray it all works out. Thank you for all your support. I have been so incredibly blessed to have met so many many people to give me so much support. Thank you back home, but also thank you to all my new amazing friends here. Having great people around you makes me happy.

I organized a baking day for Swea's younger members.

Happy hour with my Libbo and co.

Thanksgiving is finally here and Redskins won the football game, so happy day :)

It only started here, I made a dajmcake.

Lots of games with all the amazing peeps.

This amazing girl came visiting from Houston, can't wait to have her back again. What a fun night, with lots of crazy dancing and games playing.

I made Leilas Blueberry Cheesecake. A little too heave for me to be honest but I am not into cheesecakes, just like making them.

My bro is in town, heading to a wedding.

With my love <3

And my other love <3

Thanksgiving Sunday Funday 

What a few days and the holiday season just started :) 




GRATTISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS JUTTAN!!!! okej man ska inte säga för mkt men det verkar vara ett as grymt jobb! jag hoppas du kommer gilla den!

Ps. va fina ni va på bröllopsbilder =)=)=)

2012-11-28 @ 09:34:51

Hej vart köper du dina sarees ? Så snygga . Tipsa gärna på butiker i USA eller online eller där du köpt dom ? :)

2012-12-02 @ 15:27:21

Ps : den här gröna du har på dig vart hittar ja den ? Snälla tipsa ?:)

2012-12-02 @ 15:29:13