Poor blogging

Skrivet den 2012-12-13 kl 05:04:29 i kategorin LIVET av Jenira

So I have not blogged for a while and it’s been crazy with my brother being here and a new job and some other things. My head is working harder than ever (trust me my poor brain has been on vacation for a long time). Work is going great and I love the people at the office, yesterday I met some new people at the office cause we had some kind of behavioral training and I met a lot of people from other departments.

Well I will try to be better at blogging cause I sure miss it. I can’t believe 2013 is coming in a couple of weeks. Looking back on 2012 it’s been a emotional rollercoaster. I mean I finally feel like I feel home here in US, but getting here has been a crazy ride and life has not been easy. But 2013 I have a different type of goal. I want to start living and stop worrying. My dad used to say: Don’t worry about the future, it comes soon enough. And I do worry a lot about everything all the time. My goal is to start living and smiling more and finding solutions that will make me happy and not worry so much.  Only hang out with people that makes me smile and gives me energy. 

Past weekend was a busy weekend and I don’t think we rested for 5 minutes, and by the time Monday was here I was more tired from the weekend. But I had a lot of fun going to my first Redskins game and winning the way we won made it all worth it. 

This weekend we have some plans already and some of them got cancelled, but my goal is to sleep in and relax a bit and then take everything as it comes. My brother is also leaving for Sweden.  But tomorrow is Thursday and my company is having its first Christmas party, somehow they are having three small parties and tomorrow is the first one and I look forward to eat some good food.


Of al days, this day had to be the coldest day of the week, but like all teachers used to say: There is no weather, only bad clothes (swedish saying).

BBQ tailgating

I had a jersey underneeth my jacket, but too cold to show it :)

Amazing feeling to see them live. 

Happy winners!