My home away from home

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Well, we do spend so much time at work and being at a work in a environment that you actually want to be in ,is a feeling I have not felt in a lonooooog time. I absolutely love to have my own office and it’s kind of cozi and you are aloud to play Christmas music hihi. Everyone has so much Chritmas decoration, I have not come that far yet, but I have some “Julstjärnor”.

I have had so much to do today and its going to be even more tomorrow. My work schedule is full and by January, they will expect me to roll by myself, so I have to put up my game. It’s already Thursday tomorrow and on Saturday I am going to my Hubby’s Christmas party and this year I might even recognize a face or two, so I am looking forward to that.  I think I am going to wear a dress I have worn many times this summer, but spice it up with a belt. 

Sunday is also an exciting day for me, cause I am finally going to an live Redskins game. So, when I moved here I knew nothing about American football and I still don’t know everything, but I have to say that I love it. I find it soooo exciting, well only the Redskins game so far, but I almost can’t watch cause I can’t take the pressure. Therefore, I am excited to see our team for the first time. I have to buy a hat or something red, cause my both shirts are made for the summer. 

Oki, its time for me to finish writing my Christmas cards, I am a little late this year, hopefully I will be able to send them out by tomorrow. 

I am obsessed with these flower.


Mäkta stolt man är kompis! Stooooor puss å hela 4a hälsar!!

2012-12-06 @ 07:08:13